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Make Your Will with The Will & Trust Company

It’s normal to have lots of questions when you’re considering making the Will, or other Estate Planning arrangements. Here we aim to answer the questions that most commonly arise. If your answer can’t be found here, feel free to email or call us: we are here to help you.

What Services do you provide?

Our company has a wealth of experience in providing a full range of Estate Planning Services, from a basic Online Will Writing Service for single people and couples, all the way through to a fully bespoke individual Estate Planning Service, that can include Protective Property Trust Wills, ‘Tenants in Common’, Lifetime Trusts, Guardianship for Children, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), Executorship Services, Probate Administration, Inheritance Tax Planning, Long-Term Care Fees Planning and Pre-Paid Funeral Plans. All our services are designed to give you peace of mind, leaving you secure in the knowledge that your loved ones, your wishes and your Estate will be protected when you die.

How does your Will Writing Service work?

Ideally we will provide our advice on a face-to-face basis, with one of our fully trained Professional Estate Planners visiting you in your home, at a time that suits you. However, we make full use of modern technology, and can also offer Zoom, WhatsApp or other technology-based video meetings. The latter method is ideal for those who lead busy lives with full diaries!

Our adviser will carry out a thorough fact-find in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of your individual Estate Planning aims and requirements, and to ensure that you fully understand all the options available to you.

Based on your personal needs and objectives, our Adviser will provide various options, and make recommendations .

Our report will detail every aspect of our advice, tailored to your personal requirements, with a detailed breakdown of costs (including VAT). You can then instruct us to implement all, some or none of our recommendations. You will only pay for the services you instruct us to undertake.

Prior to signing any documents, you will normally receive drafts by email to approve; if necessary you can ask us to make amendments to them (at no additional cost). A Signing Meeting will then be arranged to execute and validate the documents.

We are happy to involve your family members in this process; in the case of Powers of Attorney and/or Trusts, we strongly recommend that those involved are present at the Signing Meeting. (This can be done by video call.)

Why should you use
The Will & Trust Company?

100 years will-writing experience

With combined experience of almost 100 years in the Will-Writing Profession, our advisors are well-placed to make sure you receive the very best legal and Estate Planning advice.

We are a family-owned business spanning three generations. We have always believed in putting our clients and their families at the centre of everything that we do.

Price Match Policy

Clients love our Price Match Policy, which ensures that you know every potential cost to the penny, before making any decisions on what services you would like us to provide for you.

Plain English

Clients also love the fact that we explain legal matters in Plain English, and that we explain any complex legal jargon in a way that is easy to understand.

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back

Customer Service is King in our business. If for any reason we haven’t delivered to your satisfaction, just send back your documents and we will refund you in full.


How do I know which Service is best for me?

If you are unsure about what you need, we encourage you to book an initial meeting to discuss your requirements with an expert Estate Planner. We charge a small fee for this initial meeting precisely because our priority is providing you with the very best legal advice, not trying to sell you services you might not need.


If you believe our Online Will Writing Service is best for you, don’t worry if you are still a little confused. Our online system will ask you a number of qualifying questions to make sure that an Online Will is the most appropriate of our Will Writing Services for you.

Why is a Will important?

For many people, writing a Will can be a very daunting and emotional prospect, filled with legalese, angst and worries; it is hardly surprising that so many put off doing it in the first place! However, leaving a Will in place is the best way to protect loved ones, family members and beneficiaries from the financial and emotional implications of dying Intestate (without a Will).

We want to ensure that you have the very best advice when creating your Will and that it delivers the outcomes you want.

All too often we see poorly drafted Wills, (even when crafted by a solicitor or law firm!), that simply fail to adequately protect you and your estate.

A Wills specialist, like our advisors at The Will & Trust Company, is skilled in the crafting of a professional, legally binding Will. They have the experience and expertise to not only suggest but also to implement the best Estate Planning strategy for you.

How much does your Will Writing Service cost?

Our Online Will Writing Service starts at just £49 for a single Will or £79 for a pair of Mirror Wills.

Zoom or WhatsApp meetings are FREE.

The fee for an initial face-to-face Meeting with a professional Estate Planner to identify your unique Estate Planning requirements is £97 including VAT. However, should you choose to implement any of the Adviser’s recommendations, this will be deducted from any fees subsequently charged.

The costs of our Estate Planning recommendations are unique to each client, as our recommendations will be bespoke to your individual needs and objectives.

Everyone will receive a full breakdown of recommendations and the cost for each, as a matter of course. It is you who chooses which of our recommendations you would like us proceed with. You may choose to implement some of them, all of them, or none at all! You will only pay for those you decide upon.

As a rough guide, Estate Planning recommendations for a couple (married or unmarried) can cost between £845-12,700, depending on the complexity of legal arrangements required. (For example, the upper end of this price bracket would include pre-paid funeral planning.)


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