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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Why would I want to plan ahead?

While it may seem quite morbid to plan your funeral in advance, you will have the comfort of knowing that you will get exactly what you want. A prepaid funeral plan will give you the ability to decide every detail of your funeral service.

  • Choose the type and style of service you want, and how much you would like to spend
  • Whether you want to be buried or cremated
  • Your preferred place of rest
  • What you want people to wear, “no black” for example
  • Special features such as flowers, press notices, music, readings & hymns etc
  • Donations to charity instead of flowers
  • You may be able to maximise your legacy to beneficiaries, as current ruling allows money paid into a plan to be exempt from inclusions in means tests.
  • You will save your family from having to make difficult decisions at a difficult and emotional time.
  • By fixing your costs at today’s prices, you save your family from financial burden later on. Funeral expenses continue to rise as the years go by, over and above the normal level of inflation, and this is predicted to continue. By paying for your funeral in advance, your family will avoid these rising costs.
  • Most people don’t want to think beyond a time when they are healthy and enjoying life. But planning ahead for all possibilities ensures that both you and your loved ones are protected. Pre-planning a funeral is just as easy as any other financial arrangement, such as life insurance.
    ● Your loved ones will be protected emotionally as well as financially, and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your affairs are in order.


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